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Eterna MD offers a medical science breakthrough known as our revolutionary cell assisted regenerative medicine.

Our Regenerative treatments boost the body’s ability to heal itself naturally. Improve your body’s ability to function with Eterna MD’s regenerative therapy. Our State of the art treatments are specifically designed to renew, repair, and restore worn joints and ligaments, alleviate osteoarthritis, and heal sports injuries.

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Featured Studies: Is Stem Cell Therapy Right For My Patients?


Regenerative Medicine

Recent studies have demonstrated positive results of Autologous SVF Therapy in patients suffering from OA and that intra-articular injection of MPC promotes the regeneration of animal articular cartilage.

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Featured Service: Cell Assisted Joint Injection

Regenerative Medicine

Our cell assisted treatments are regenerating joints and giving people more mobility. Our regenerative treatments repair damaged cartilage, restore function, eliminate pain and delay to prevent further joint destruction.
Regenerative Medicine


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