Eterna MD now offers a medical science breakthrough known as our revolutionary cell assisted regenerative treatments. What is subjected to more weight and is injured more than any other joint in our body? Our ankles are! Injury to any of the bones, ligaments or tendons in the ankle can cause ankle pain. In many cases, when an injury, sprain, or break does not heal right, the problem tends to creep up years later in the form of arthritis.

Our cell assisted regenerative treatments are regenerating joints and giving people more mobility. Our regenerative treatments repair damaged cartilage, restore surface geometry and function, eliminate pain and delay or prevent further joint destruction.


  • Improves joint, tendon and ligament functions
  • Renews, repairs restores ankle injury/arthritis/trauma
  • No major incisions or trauma to the body
  • Involves little to no pain/discomfort, no general anesthesia, with faster recovery and little downtime
  • No risk of allergic or adverse reaction