Regardless of whether we experience back pain from aging, or simply due to injury, back pain can happen gradually or all at once. In most cases, relief from constant pain can be achieved through Eterna MD’s regenerative medicine treatments. We provide cell-assisted back pain treatments that are revolutionary in providing healing and regenerative processes which help alleviate pain associated with chronic conditions. Our revolutionary stem cell treatments also encourage natural growth and healing factors that lead to restored strength and mobility.

By using stem cells derived from your own body, patients are injected with adult stem cells that offer regenerative solutions which replace damaged tissue and cells, and promote natural regenerative growth factors. Since the adult stem cells are derived from your own body, there is virtually no risk of rejection or allergic reaction. Stem cell treatments offer many benefits:

  • Release anti-inflammatory agents to aid the healing process
  • Improve joint, tendon and ligament functions
  • No risk of allergic or adverse reaction
  • Promotes and releases natural regenerative growth factors
  • Little to no downtime, a safe and fast recovery

It’s always best to receive treatment sooner than later, before your pain gets worse. Here at Eterna MD, we understand what it means to seek a better quality of life, which is why our doctors focus on providing you with the best in regenerative medicine.

If you’re having trouble with chronic back pain, Eterna MD offers cell-assisted back pain treatments that can help improve mobility while aiding in the healing process.