Center Study to Assess the Safety and Effects of Autologous Adipose-Derived Stromal Cells in Patients with ED

ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION is the condition when a man cannot sustain penile erection throughout sexual intercourse. It affects around 18 million men in US, increasing its prevalence with the age and risk factors such as cardiovascular disease, Hypertension and Diabetes many circumstances, including physical and psychological conditions.

Erectile Dysfunction can lead to stress, lost of self-confidence and relationship problems. Treatments include oral medications and surgical options. Although these treatments are very effective, they are not able to re-establish functionality in all patients. Medical researchers consider Erectile Dysfunction as a result of a neurogenic condition and smooth muscle or endothelial dysfunction. For that reason, the Stem Cells therapy has the potential of reestablishing functionality by regenerating the tissues directly involved with penile erection.


  • No risk of allergic or adverse reaction

  • Little to no downtime, a safe and fast recovery

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