Eterna MD’s Hand Rejuvenation Treamtents are revolutionary, minimally invasive cell assisted treatments for people suffering from pain or reduced range of motion due to common injuries such as osteoarthritis, or other degenerative problems in the hand. Millions of Americans are disabled by arthritis of the hands, a type of degenerative joint disease. Our doctors carefully evaluate each individual case to assess the likelihood of success with our state of the art regenerative treatments.

Our Hand Rejuvenation Treatments are specifically designed to take years off of your hands appearance, while naturally restoring and replenishing your hands with our cell assisted treatments. With this state of the art procedure, hollow areas are plumped up, volume is restored, and structure is regained to the hands. Regenerative cell assisted fat transfers make it possible to fill your hands, while maintaining a natural appearance.

This painless procedure takes 30 minutes to one hour, and is performed under local anesthesia. It requires little to no downtime, and is fast & safe. Eterna MD prides itself in using the most advanced, revolutionary Hand Fat Transfer techniques available to date.


  • Renews, repairs and replenishes hollow, sunken hands
  • No major incisions or trauma to the body
  • Involves little to no pain/discomfort, no general anesthesia, with faster recovery and little downtime
  • Results are longer lasting and natural looking